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Iata validating carrier

The following is an example itinerary and fare calculation line of a circle trip.

Itinerary NYC/ATL/MIA/NYC or NYC/ATL (NW Y class) ATL/NYC (DL F class) top of page A circle trip minimum (CTM) occurs when the outbound half of a circle trip is based on a different fare than the inbound.

The second entry is an AAP segment select entry restricting pricing to the creation of only one Priceable Unit comprised of segments 1, 2, 3 and 4.

top of page A Fare Component is a subset of a Priceable Unit that represents a fare break.

The examples used in the following sub-topics may not be applicable to all journey classifications.

The first entry is a selection of certain segments which allows the system to try all possible Priceable Unit and Multiunit constructions.

top of page Fares are selected and applied in the direction of travel except the final fare component back into the country of unit origin -- which is selected in an outbound direction (i.e., opposite of travel.) Rules, routings, HIPS and Differentials are processed in the same direction as the fare applied to that component.

top of page The QCP always shows the city pairs in alphabetical order: top of page Journey is the entire itinerary from ticket origin to ticket destination. A journey may have several possible fare constructions.

Fares are either online (same airline) or Joint (interline, more than one airline): NOTE: In Europe, Galileo and Worldspan will now make BA the Significant Carrier because they determine significant carrier by which airline has the greatest Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) in the component.

There is no industry standard for determination of significant carrier. Example: LAX - AA - NYC - BA - LON - UA - NYC - DL - LAX Here, one pricing attempt is a 2-component RT LAX-LON-LAX.

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