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Related: In a wired world, children unable to escape cyberbullying And when asked how most of the children they know react when a fight breaks out at school or at a social event, 19 percent of teens said their acquaintances try to stop the fight and 23 percent said other kids try to find an adult.

And nineteen percent of adults said learning how to deal with bullies was part of growing up and that adults should let children handle bullies on their own.While the new poll indicates that bullying is a problem in the lives of teens, it also suggests that adults have conflicting views about bullying.When asked about the children who live in their neighborhoods, a total of 66 percent of the adults surveyed said those children have been ridiculed, humiliated, or verbally or physically threatened by another child, either in person or online.A bare majority— 51 percent – of adults surveyed said bullying was a minor problem in schools in their neighborhoods and another 14 percent said bullying was not a problem at all.Thirty percent of adults polled said bullying was a major problem in schools in their neighborhoods.

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