John cusack and gong li dating online dating ages 13 and older

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John cusack and gong li dating

The screenplay by Hossein Amini is a convoluted mess, the fakery that turns London locales and elaborate Bangkok sets into 1941 Shanghai eye-catching, performances by a stellar international cast routine and direction by Mikael Håfström inert.Borrowing a template from such films as “Casablanca” and “The Third Man,” this thriller of international intrigue plays host to a morass of clichés and orientalism salvaged from the Hollywood backlot debris of 75 years ago.

His cover is that he’s a reporter for the Shanghai Herald where he writes pro-German nonsense that somehow lands on the front page. Everyone figures he’s a spy and he spends little time trying to dissuade anyone he’s not.Paul’s infatuation doesn’t prevent him from keeping clandestine dinner dates with Leni (Franka Potente), wife of the German Consul, as he searches for his buddy’s now disappeared girlfriend, the heroin addict Sumiko (Rinko Kikuchi, who again plays a role that requires her to barely speak).The story runs in circles and winds up absolutely nowhere since no great secret is uncovered, his buddy’s murder goes unrevenged and the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor anyway.This is the kind of movie where the hero can walk into a nightclub or fancy party and immediately silkily dressed women, haughty Chinese gangsters, sneering Japanese officers and vital clues about his friend jump out at him from every corner.People buy him drinks but he seldom gets to finish one.

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The couple only had eyes for each other while Gong Li leaned sweetly against her boyfriend.