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I ended up having sex for free although that wasn’t my intention and I tried to insist on paying.Just like in Horizon the girl I bought drinks for was super happy to give me her number, wasn’t shy about the mamasans seeing just grabbed my phone and put it in.Then when she left I tried to hand her 2k and she refused it, and didn’t even want taxi money.I texted her later to remind her I said I didn’t want a girlfriend, and offered to take her out for dinner before I fly out. This sometimes happens in Thailand too, I’ve had girls ask to come over for free the second time (after paying the first time) just because they want to hang out.

I wasn’t trying to lead her on for free sex at all.Or prefer staying at your place to sharing a dorm room with three other girls, or just had a fight with their boyfriend and need a place to stay.Hookers in South East Asia are just totally different to the Western perception of what a prostitute is, quite often they genuinely like you, want to be friends with foreigners, etc. The lines often get blurred between normal girl and hooker, there are 50 shades of grey in between.It’s famous for its entire Baalbeck temple complex. Translator: Jelena Vukovic Reviewer: Ivana Korom There is one phrase that I have always wanted to say to everyone in my life. What weird habits should Americans leave at home when traveling abroad? Today I’m going to show you how to make a delicious tuna ceviche taco. Alright start off by taking a flour tortilla like this, usually used to make... You tried everything, but your scale just won’t move?That phrase is “Life is easy.” It’s so easy and fun. What physical feature do Europeans thinks Americans are far too obsessed with? Returned any extras to the freezer wait what I don’t understand? Watch in today’s video 10 foods that you have at home that can help you on your weight loss journey.

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