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This will increase the trust within a friendship, as well as a deeper connection between the two of you. Some of the tips are about finding friends, others are about how to deepen a friendship once it’s formed.This means he or she doesn’t talk behind your back — they’ve got your back.Even more so, they will stand up for you if someone is trash talking you.

After a breakup, they are the friends showing up at your doorstep with tissues, wine, and the full DVD box set of Sex and the City.They are not passive aggressive, they do not sweep things under the rug.Instead, they let you know when their feelings are hurt, or they apologize when they know they were in the wrong. You want to know that when you ask your friend for advice, he or she will be honest with you.A friend recently said to me: It’s common to feel lonely, to think of yourself as something small and solitary in the vastness of things.It’s easy then to think of a friend as a home territory carved out of that vastness, a kind of living diary for sharing and storing the feelings of the day so that life can go on more or less as usual.

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In order for any relationship to grow, both people need to be vulnerable.

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