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It will need to have your name, address, credit card number (even if you only list the last four digits of the card number), your request to cancel the account, a reference of your verbal request and listing the date you made the call, request for written confirmation of the cancellation and that you want your credit record to reflect that the account was closed by your request.Oh, and don’t forget to keep a copy for your own records!Call the number, noting the time and date, and let the customer service representative know that you are closing your account.

Call Customer Service You will find the number to customer service on the back of the credit card or on a recent bill.Please send me written confirmation that my account has been closed.Also, please confirm that you have notified all appropriate credit card bureaus that this account was “closed by request of cardholder.” If there are any discrepancies between my records and yours, please contact me by mail at the address below or by phone at Even if you prefer to write your own version of a letter to the credit card company, be sure that it has all of the required information in it.Once the form is processed, your payment will be made by the Redundancy Payments Office (RPO), which should be within 3-6 weeks of the RPO receiving the form.How much you are owed depends on how long you have worked for the company, and the hours that you have worked.

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