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Linked excel chart not updating in powerpoint

In our example, we want to add a third data series.

Double-click the chart to switch to the linked data range in Excel.

When the source data for your data-driven charts is available in Excel, you can create charts directly from the Excel application.

When data in Excel changes, you can either update the charts on command or have think-cell do the update automatically.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a chart from your Excel data using think-cell, please consider the example from Introduction to charting.

This is how the example chart data looks in Excel: To create a chart from Excel, select the desired data range in your Excel workbook, including series and category labels: The layout of your data must match the layout of think-cell’s internal datasheet: Column charts are usually created from data columns, whereas bar charts are created from data rows.

I've seen examples of this issue with catastrophic results, particularly in the HR function of an organisation! If I Copy/Paste a Pivot Chart and use Link Format, the chart does not get updated after an Excel source data change either within the Excel Pivot or within the Power Point file unless I right click on the Pivot Table in Excel and click Refresh Data.

At that point, the Excel Pivot Chart and corresponding Chart in Power Point both get updated.

Linking to a file means that the object is present in the file and updated each time Power Point opens (or you manually force the refresh of the object).

Simply click the menu in Excel’s think-cell toolbar and click on the chart in Power Point that you wish to link to.

Note: Text fields in Power Point can contain up to 255 characters.

If you are unsure about the exact layout required, simply insert a new chart of the desired type in Power Point and refer to the layout of its datasheet.

Then select the desired chart type from the menu in Excel’s think-cell toolbar: When you click on this menu item in Excel, the Power Point window is activated.

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I am currently using Power Point 365 with Excel 365 and in earlier versions of Excel/Powerpoint if I updated a pivot chart in Excel then that was reflected in my Power Point (I was using Paste : Use Destination Theme and Link Data - however I'm finding that even when I refresh the data in Power Point, the changes are not always that?

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