Mac os 9 updating

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Mac os 9 updating

Back in the day, like, way back in 1997 when Intego was founded, antivirus for Mac was always a good idea.

With file sharing and the Internet just starting to take off, malware, even for Mac OS 9, became a problem, so why risk it? That said, using an antivirus in those days on a Mac was more to protect your friends and colleagues using Windows, to make sure you didn't accidentally forward them an email with a virus or give them a CD or Zip drive with a malicious file on it.

But why would people keep an OS around that's now 17 years old?

Most people on an old version of OS X, such as 10.3 Panther or 10.7 Lion, jump at the chance to upgrade to a newer Mac that can run a newer version of OS X, but why is Mac OS 9 different?

Creatives in particular speak about some of OS 9's biggest technical shortcomings in favorable terms.

His article mentions several stories of people who use Mac OS 9 and their reasons for doing so.

Virus Barrier version 1.6.2 was the last version to be compatible with Mac OS 9; it was pulled off the digital shelves in 2003 to make way for OS X versions going forward.

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It's mostly found in labs, audio production and composition, pre press, graphics departments and even certain government branches.

If you've gotten this far in this story, it's likely the majority of you reading have and use a Mac OS 9 computer (and already know all of the above).

Whether you're a long time Mac OS 9 user or just starting out as a hobby, there are some security best practices that are a good idea to follow.

Let's have a look at some classic Mac security software, designed for Mac OS 9 — and still available for you to tinker with right now.

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