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Matt courtney most eligible dallas dating

We can really be blunt with each other and yell and fight with each other. I think women will watch the show and see the dynamic between us and relate to the friendships they have in their own lives.

OSC: So, are you saying that there is actually some reality in this reality show?

As the launch of her spinoff looms ever closer (December 5 at 9pm CST to be exact), I sat down with Kerr at Bread Winners in her Uptown Dallas neighborhood to dish about what’s happened to her life these past two years, how it’s changed her and what lies ahead: OSC: Your new show is called Courtney Loves Dallas but I know from talking to you that you filmed in New York City, you filmed a road trip to Marfa and you spent time in Fort Worth (which is where her Mother lives). CK: (laughing) Well, New York City is obviously a big part of my life right now.

I’m there twice a year for Fashion Week and I have a lot of projects there, so it’s a part of my work life.

And I think that’s the difference between a show that’s about one person and a show that’s about six people. outside of my spray tan and gel nails and eye lashes. do not do a reality tv show because that stuff will come out! CK: This city has embraced me and made me feel welcome – even before all the reality tv started – so I would never want to do the city any injustice because it’s been so good to me. I also love La Duni – I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For me, brunch is more about the experience and going over the stories from the night before. CK: I love Milk & Honey on Henderson – the price point is fantastic.

There were days that they were just filming me working at my computer and I was like, ‘There is no way this I gripping television for y’all.’ But it all panned out in a way that I am very happy with. OSC: With a show title called Courtney Loves Dallas, do you feel an obligation to represent the city in a certain way or show it in a certain light?

And I think it’s tough being my age and being single, because if you meet a single guy, you’re like, “Okay, you’ve dated a friend who’s dated a friend, and I know everything already about you and I’ve never shook your hand.” So it’s tough. People that like me, that were fans of me on And regarding Matt Nordgren’s appearance: “Matt does make an appearance, and I think people will be shocked — I think people are expecting one thing when it comes Matt and I’s relationship, but I think, um, I think people in Dallas are going to be high-fiving me the next day after they see Matt Nordgren’s appearance.” Oooh that sounds juicy!

For those of us trying (and failing) to wean ourselves from the Bravo teat and get back to more intellectually stimulating programming, I have some good news!

To read more about Courtney Kerr and Courtney Loves Dallas, click here for exclusive interviews and all kinds of insider info!

This new half-hour docu-series will follow Courtney as she navigates the lively Dallas social scene, while building a new career.

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What viewers didn’t see was the subsequent demise of the friendship when Nordgren couldn’t/wouldn’t commit to a relationship. OSC: Your new show centers around you and your relationships with several of your girl friends.

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