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You can't control people's negativity, but you can prevent it from affecting your positivity.People will express their feelings, they’ll make their facial expressions and whatever else they feel necessary. And unless he smokes crack, it isn't as big of an issue as people will pretend it is.They’re sorry for the fact that it’s going to be a while (if ever) before I meet a true gentleman my age.I don’t want to generalize my entire demographic so I’ll just continue to smile and nod when people send me their condolences for the fact that I’m either a) going to end up with an assh*le, or b) going to die alone.Girls stick to the belief that older is the way to go; that you’re some kind of cradle-robbing freak if you choose to be with someone younger than you.And when I say younger, I don’t mean two months and three days; I’m talking just barely legal status.

A family can have two mothers, two fathers, a transgender parent and interracial children.Typically, males take longer to mature and their expected date of arrival into maturity is entirely up to when their small minds decide to become grown.I don’t know if the idea of a woman finding an older man to take care of her stems from motherly advice or some old-age culture, but either way, shifts in Generation-Y culture show otherwise.Again, the age gap has been acknowledged probably more times than it realistically needed to be. You don’t need to dwell on the fact that he's younger or constantly seek reassurance that it isn't an issue.It’ll create a self-esteem issue for you, as well as annoy him.

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