Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

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Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

The problem comes when saving the work at the end of the day as it seems to only want to allow one of the users work to populate the cells at the expense of the others.For example: All users open the spreadsheet at the start of the day. So say three users now all start populating the spreadsheet on their respective PCs from row 151 downwards.They'd each have their own page to work on, just in the one file so I can track how they're going and add more in at the bottom when they're almost done. Or is it just as limited in terms of user numbers at one time.I've used it with a couple people but I don't want to just test it with a bunch of people until I can be pretty confident it'll work.I was also told that only one person can update an excel file from a shared drive at a time, so I tried that, but still they can't see each other's updates.Hi there, I work for a company where I create spreadsheets for my staff to complete their work on.But yes One Note is designed to do exactly what you're asking.

But no matter what, you'll never lose anything because of Page Versions (revision history).

S Have a look here for further info Try having one sheet updated by the sheets they are using.

At the beginning of the day, their respective sheets can be populated by the master, then at the end of the day, their work can append to the master.

Many thanks Excel 2007 Win 7 PC Shared spreadsheets are a nasty hack that IMO are best avoided and never work properly.

The long and short of it is that Excel just isn't designed for multi-user access.

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