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People who are unfamiliar with the bundle distribution format see it like this: The reality?Nine to twelve months after your game’s release, you’ve sold most of your copies on Steam. The format is simple: you sell a lot of copies at wholesale prices or get a fixed bonus for participating. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about bundles from stores such as Humble Bundle, G2A, Indie Gala, Green Man Gaming, Gamers Gate, Fanatical, and Gamivo.

Keep in mind that all the unused keys you generate for bundles will very likely be resold, which basically puts an end to your organic sales.

Now let’s talk about some other cool tools at your disposal: bundles, foundations, and vendor support.

We’ll see how crowdfunding works in 2018 and whether or not there’s still life left in Kickstarter.

Keep in mind that third-party bundles should only be used after you’ve burned through all of your organic sales and discounts.

Below you can see the unsuccessful experience of a studio that put its game in HB bundles three months after release.

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As you can see, they essentially buried their own game.