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(c) A registered nurse who has graduated from a professional nursing education program in a country or territory outside of the United States or Canada deemed equivalent to the program of study required in this Commonwealth at the time the program was completed and who obtained licensure in that country or territory upon having passed an examination considered by the Board to be equivalent to the examination required for licensure in this Commonwealth may be granted licensure by endorsement without examination.

The provisions of this § 21.25 issued under section 506 of The Administrative Code of 1929 (71 P. § 186); and section 1 of The Professional Nursing Law (63 P. § 212.1); amended under section 2.1(k) of The Professional Nursing Law (63 P. (b) An applicant for licensure by endorsement shall meet the requirements as stated in the act.

(d) An applicant for licensure by endorsement whose license in the other jurisdiction is not current for 5 years or longer shall, prior to receiving a license in this Commonwealth, satisfy the requirements of § 21.30a(a)(1) or (2) (relating to continued competency).

The Board will base educational equivalency upon an evaluation administered by a Board-approved foreign credentials evaluator.

(e) An applicant for licensure by endorsement shall demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting proof that the applicant’s nursing education program was conducted in English or that the applicant received a passing score on a Board-approved English proficiency examination unless the applicant has met this requirement in satisfaction of § 21.7(b)(2) (relating to temporary practice permits).

The provisions of this § 21.32 amended October 22, 1976, effective October 23, 1976, 6 Pa. (a) The Board grants the following types of approval to nursing education programs: (1) Initial.

(5) Assist graduates of schools of nursing in this Commonwealth to qualify for licensure by endorsement in other jurisdictions. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (9696).

Code § 601.3 (relating to requirements for home health care agencies); 49 Pa. A nursing education program on full approval status will be placed on provisional approval status if the program fails to meet the provisions of § 21.33b.

Code § 109.66 (relating to blood transfusions and intravenous medications); 28 Pa. Code § 551.52 (relating to ASF responsibilities); 28 Pa. A program on initial approval status that fails to achieve an acceptable rate of passing the National licensure examination upon graduation of its first class will be placed on provisional approval status. The Board will place on full approval a nursing education program which attains and maintains the standards of this subchapter. The Board may place on provisional approval a nursing education program not meeting the standards of this subchapter.

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The provisions of this § 21.29b adopted December 16, 2016, effective December 17, 2016, 46 Pa. (b) A graduate nurse licensed in another country may participate in an accredited graduate program in nursing for 2 years without licensure and compensation in this Commonwealth. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (378846). Code § 21.822 (relating to biennial renewal of certification).

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