Orthodox dating guidelines

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Orthodox dating guidelines

Orthodox are prohibited from having sex or touching when the woman is on her period.I can already hear a collective sigh of frustration from secular women everywhere, but hear me out.Being the yenta I am, I tried to offer assistance, to which he responded (without making eye contact), “Not you.” This might sound really weird and kind of sexist to some, as it did to my boyfriend.But what I explained to him was that it’s not uncommon for stricter Orthodox men and women not to touch, sit next to, or even look directly at members of the opposite sex who are not his or her spouse or family.I am very proud of my faith and consider myself devout. What are your opinions regarding marrying outside our faith? Marriage is difficult enough without disparity of worship. If she had not been willing, I would not have married her.I've always said I'd marry an (Greek) Orthodox Christian, only because it would mean a great deal to me to raise my family according to how I believe. Are you saying that you're worried about marrying a non-Greek Orthodox? It's sometimes difficult to express to single young folks just how difficult it is to keep marriages together in modern society, AND then it's even more difficult to have a Christ-centered family life on top of that.Orthodoxy, like Christians, Muslims, and other Judaic sects, dictates abstinence before the covenant of marriage... “This was a lot easier to do when people got married at 18,” acknowledged one of the Modern Orthodox women I spoke to.And while premarital sex is not condoned, “the sexual relationship between a married couple is very important in Judaism and is considered a mitzvah,” or good deed, she said; and that sex should enable “a couple to relate better and have a full loving experience.” Many of the practices around sex relate back to the principle of modesty, which is big in Orthodoxy.

“Hair is not inherently promiscuous or private,” explained one of my Orthodox sources, “but it becomes something that is a symbol of privacy.” Basically, covering your hair is a way to let people know you’re off the market.For more observant Jews, foregoing foreskin is just one of many rules and customs that govern how and when a couple can canoodle.But before we get that dreidel rolling, it’s important to note that Orthodox Judaism covers a wide spectrum of sects; from the ultra-conservative (Hasidism) to the more secular (Modern Orthodoxy).However, living in a multicultural city, finding such a person has become virtually impossible for me (let alone finding a nice person.) I can't see myself lowering my standards just to 'settle,' and get married, however, if I don't then do I risk being alone for the rest of my life? Any differences in belief will make for a difficult challenge.... Which, ironically, works pretty well in this world, not so much in the next.I don't think God wants me to be lonely and alone. Others may jump in, but as a Catholic myself I would say that a mixed marriage (Orthodox/Catholic) is problematic. My Easter is March 31st; what if my wife's was in May?

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One of my Modern Orthodox friends frequents a particularly ritzy mikvah on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. My friend is very much Orthodox, but is of her own admission someone who “likes to dance around the lines of what [Jews] are supposed to do.” Despite her casual attitude, my friend believes in tradition and the ways it can benefit a relationship.

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