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This is how Facebook monetizes the data they receive. The part we should be worried about is the fact that, regardless of any permission that any app could ever ask us, much of online Internet data (whether that be Facebook chats, websites visited, pictures sent, etc.) goes directly to the NSA because apparently we all need to be tracked.

Facebook certainly doesn’t mind if you’re gay, but a new rule forces users to keep what they do in the bedroom to themselves. The new content policy makes things like saying you’re a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom’ off-limits, in a move the social media behemoth says will combat content that “facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults” and bars “sexually explicit language that may lead to solicitation.” “Sex positions,” “sexual preference” and any number of other sexy umbrellas pertaining to “sexual hints” are all means for moderator intervention now.

Otherwise, that button is useless because it won't do anything. There are plenty of other apps out there that use many of these same permissions.

Here is a list of most of the "invasive" permissions listed above that the Facebook and Messenger App use along with other popular apps that use those same permissions: I think you get the point.

If you truly still believe that Facebook can "access your recording devices at any time", well guess what, you agreed to those same permissions with the regular Facebook App, or Whats App, or Skype, or Snapchat, or many other apps. You can access your messages via the desktop version of Facebook.

Is that Facebook is using the information they gather about each individual user so that they can sell that information to third-party companies. You can poke through the various categories on the Facebook Data Use Policy page.

Furthermore, if you text someone that you want something, ads will not start popping up on Facebook for that item.So, should you be worried about your privacy if you download the Facebook Messenger App? What do the permissions actually mean and why does Facebook need them?Is Facebook the only app with these "invasive" permissions? I want to start with reacting to a video that I saw shared around social media a few years ago when I wrote this post.In it, two news anchors were discussing the recent Facebook Messenger App and how many users are worried that Facebook is crossing the line and invading everyone's privacy.Then, they referred to a "Tech Expert" named Anthony Mongeluzo who talked about how Facebook can use the permissions that you agree to in order to "use your recording device and your camera device on your phone without even telling you".

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He refers to the Whats App Messenger App as "What's Up App" and calls Nike Fuel Bands "Nike Fit Bands".