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Pitfalls of dating

The stigma about seeking love online has largely evaporated as millions of people have formed healthy relationships that began online.

Research by the Pew Charitable trust suggests that five percent of all existing marriages and long-term relationships began online.

Spending one minute more pursuing such people simply postpones finding the right person for you.

The right person will be honest and will want, respect, and adore you. 5) Don’t allow online sites to be your only method of seeking a partner Online is a vehicle, not a destination.

Nearly three in five people say going online is a good way to find a relationship, up by more than 30 percent in the last ten years. You may encounter: Stories abound of people who claim to be single and available but are actually married or in a committed relationship and using a bogus profile.

In addition, dating sites are full of warnings and disclaimers about scammers who prey on the romantic aspirations of others for financial gain.

Circulating is a big part of meeting the right person.

You can’t necessarily trust that they will tell you the truth.Decide how you want to treat people and how you want to be treated.Ideally, one would treat others with respect and never deliberately do anything to reduce another person’s dignity.One survey found that 53 percent of people lie about their age online.Weight, salary, age and occupation are among the top categories misrepresented online.

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Of course, risks are present in romance whether it begins online or other ways.

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