Private label dating program

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Private label dating program

If you have a chance to do anything with these guys, don't pass it up!

Amazing stuff." “I have had success in the Affiliate Marketing space but I'm not a technical person.

Included with each app is a professionally written and designed sales page of which you can edit as you see fit and upload to your server.

Simply add your customized buy button and you are good to go!

As the product "owner", you will still handle support with your customers, but know that the software you're selling will be supported by us. Having been around for 13 years and seen a lot software - these guys have been first to utterly shock me.

Their knowledge of the market and quality of the software they develop is hands down the best around.

The apps are yours to resell, but we handled the hardest part for you. Included with each app is done-for-you, unbranded video training to help your customers get up to speed on using the app.

We make it super easy to setup payment processing, integrating with two of the biggest payment solutions on the web.

I always wanted to launch my own product and have tried on the past but the technical challenge is so overwhelming that I just gave up. ' 'I was struggling as a new Internet Marketer tryrng to find my way.

With Rebrand Apps that challenge has been conquered. I never created a product before but I KNEW, product creation was the MOST lucrative way to go. no more than 7 days later I launched my first product and my profits went through the roof.' If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying Rebrand Apps, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Also, some white label dating providers that I won't mention do have terrible conversion rates. - They allow you to place your Google Analytics and any other tracking code on all pages of your white label dating websites very easily through your admin control panel. Plus when it comes to reporting and analytics, I have yet to see a dating affiliate program or white label dating provider that is more transparent and gives you more analytics than White Label Dating Solutions do.

- They allow you to customize your entire website, not just the landing page.

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See how it works You will have full access to CSS and HTML, other landers, and the internal B2C of your dating site.