Qualities of a good dating relationship sikh dating site canada

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The key is whether you're able to maintain each of those parts.See 10 things that every strong relationship should have.So, if they're a person who flies into a rage and you are a person who represses anger (until one day you burst), you may not be well-suited for the long run.Interestingly, high relationship satisfaction seems to come from feeling like the most aspirational version of yourself around your significant other rather than the most authentic version.According to research, it doesn't matter if your partner likes Mumford & Sons and you (hopefully) don't.

Which explains how the trait of empathy is the second characteristic required to see your relationship through its rough days.

Apparently, we make progress toward our ideal selves when our partners possess, encourage or see in us the traits we most wish we had—this is known as the Michelangelo phenomenon.

As we move toward this ideal—whether in reality or just in terms of how we perceive ourselves—we become happier.

Some relationships are strong enough to last a lifetime, and it's not attributed to luck or chance.

It's thanks to continuous efforts from both parties and a desire to be together.

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