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This couple is unconventional, charming, funny and of course, very cute!

Their love story involved no clandestine rendezvous or impassioned proposals, but it is one of the strongest relationships that Bollywood has been witness back in 2003!

When you think of a Bollywood couple, you’d think about romantic, over-the-top proposals, but this wan’t the case in the Genelia – Ritesh Deshmukh marriage as Riteish is yet to propose to Genelia!

Just goes to show how you must never judge a book by its blossomed into a strong friendship outside the sets as well.When Ritesh walked into the airport that day, he met Genelia’s mother before meeting her.When he did meet the leading lady who was to be cast opposite him, she was looking away from him. Genelia, on her part, had expected Riteish to be a spoilt brat as she had heard that he was a politician’s son.For them, it is the small things, the small moments that they spend with each other that makes life worthwhile.But what they both love about their relationship is the fact that even with all the changes that have come about in their lives, they both manage to remain the best friends they were since the very beginning of the relationship.

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But thankfully, he did, and the rest, as they say, is history. For her, guys like him are very rare in today’s world.