Rowupdating get datakey dating in internet

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Rowupdating get datakey

til quando estamos utilizando um Grid View para editar um registro de banco de dados.1- Row Canceling Edit: Este evento disparado quando cancelamos a atualizao de um registro, o que significa que usamos isso quando estamos em modo de edio de um Grid View e queremos retornar o Grid View de volta ao modo de visualizao, sem qualquer atualizao.

the Data Key Names in the gridview is exactly what I want it to be, form ID. This change is quite important though, its related on how to set the events of your form, for example, the useful before Submit. But I have no idea how to get those value when doing Row Editing & Row Updating.The purpose is to just flip the data table which is used as a source for the Grid View. The problem is that, in the Action column, the buttons don't work anymore.Command Argumentvpe BɁAData Keysvpe BĎ擾L[l Zbg邾BData Keysvpe Bɓnsԍ́AGrid View Row.Row Indexvpe BŎ擾łij B @Row Command Cxg EnhĂ݂ƁAx Grid View Command Event Args.

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