Sam witwer dating history

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Sam witwer dating history

John, also referred to as Deek, is the main protagonist of Days Gone.

A former member of the Mongrel MC and soldier, he is a survivor of the Freaker outbreak, that decimated the world.

Deacon later rescues her again from Rippers after she runs away, and he hands her off to Rikki, who takes Lisa to Iron Mike's Camp.

He is angered to learn that she once again disappeared.

Down the road, they are nearly run off the road by a pickup truck.

Sarah manages to call her lab and tells them about the car.

Deacon also rescues Lisa, an abused teenager who has been surviving on her own and was assaulted by thugs.

Deacon still retains some aspects of his code, as he will not attack unarmed women and will be enraged by anyone who does so.He seems very quick to brush off the concerns of settlement leaders who asked him for help .He does however do so when he needs to in order to win favour with other survivor camps.Deacon takes her back to the car to wait for the tow truck only to find it being stripped by men driving the same pickup truck that had ran them off the road. Sarah manages to save him by discharging a warning shot from Deacon's gun. At some point, a fellow MC member Jessie Williamson was excommunicated for an unknown crime; the MC's code stipulated that he must be stripped of his colors, which meant removing a tattoo on his back.Deacon helped hold Jessie down while Jack burned the tattoo off with a blow torch.

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Deacon is far from heartless, as he went to save Manny from a group of bandits.

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