Sex dating credit card kathy griffen dating

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Sex dating credit card

Of course, I'm sure the person has no intent to actually meet with me, but I'm still puzzled by the scam.

I'm guessing there's some sort of partnership here, where a person supplies their pictures to someone else, who runs the account and sends the messages. There would have to be enough steady income to keep both the picture supplier and the account manager happy.

The link they provided to you is unique so they get credits for all clicks and subsequent new accounts.I'm USA-based and I believe the person in the pictures to be as well.I messaged with this person for awhile but their word choices, grammar, etc.Some years back this was a standard Modus operandi of a firm where they would threaten to file law suite and extort money.The victim in order to protect their identity would pay up as much as possible to make it go away rather than being shamed in public.

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There's even a possibility that the catfisher isn't a real human, but is in fact a sophisticated bot created for the purpose of tricking you into joining the site and spending money.

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