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• All faculties have undergone a forensic analysis of exam results and been involved in a data dialogue with the head teacher.

• Staffing update – we have appointed new staff in – 2DHTs, guidance, Biology, Art and English.

Morag Rennie Response – We were never dead against, we raised our concerns about the issue and also what the Academy would need back I. Present Staff: David Clark, Ed Carlin, Ed Walton, Pamela Whyte, Graeme Cowie, Irene Sharp, Anne Mc Cavanagh, Lesley Muir Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Jodie Anderson, Karen Abernethy, Vicky Irvine, Jenna Mcrobbie, Alison Pearson, Heitor Alves, Claire Buchan, Lynsey Gammack, Lesley Anderson, Louise Masson. 4 Key worker status – low rent properties All the above have been looked into.

Councillors: Charles Buchan, Brian Topping Guests: Laurence Findlay. Apologies Received from: Cllr Doreen Mair, Pauline Masson 3. • Morag asked about offering Bursaries for the young to encourage going into teaching.

Cllr Topping – asked if there was any non-English coaches or encourage to attend these events.

Transactions since this date: NIL Cheques presented since last meeting: NIL No Cheques to be signed tonight. These are in English, Spanish, Art, Biology and Business Studies.

Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 10 September 2018 Proposed: Jodie Anderson Seconded: Claire Buchan 4. Work with agencies, there is a global Shortage in teachers 3. Laurence advised this is being looked into, but what do we offer i.e we will offer you this amount of money but you must stay for a certain amount of years.

Report from Laurence Findlay • Acute shortage in Aberdeenshire. • There are 600 qualified teachers, but are not teaching.

Additionally appointed internally 3 PTs of Literacy, numeracy and HWB.

• Successful completion of school and house captain interviews.

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Discussing Parental Engagement and also that the s new school for Fraserburgh still in the plan but looking for Money. Date of Next meeting Monday 18th March 2019 at 6.30pm.