Sex dating one night stands

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Sex dating one night stands

But my generation better get used to them, because as the gap between puberty and marriage gets ever wider, we're increasingly turning to casual encounters as a way to express and satisfy our sexuality. It started out innocently enough, as an “actual” date... The kind that doesn't shatter you completely, but chips away at your ego slowly and surely, so that every time someone asks, “So are you not seeing ___ any more?

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I drank too much wine, I waffled on about how I had no idea where my life was really going, and then, inspired by that old student adage, “drunk sex is better than no sex,” I took him home.

The therapeutic nature of an ONS shouldn't be underestimated; sometimes you just need to get the sad shagged out of you.

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Like everyone, sex can slide down my list of priorities without me even realising.