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His name has been linked to a number of possible female lovers, two of whom committed suicide.A third died of complications eight years after a suicide attempt, and a fourth also attempted suicide.A fun way to share this with your partner is for each of you to separately make your own list and then get together to share what you’ve written. Visit a strip club together and get a lap dance for both of you 7. Devote an entire day to just pleasing her: think oral sex, erotic massages, drawing her a hot bath, cooking or ordering her favorite meals. Have her devote an entire day to just pleasing you: you get to set the rules with this one! Find her g-spot and try giving her a G spot orgasm 11. It’s a great way to learn about your partner’s secret fantasies or what she really loves to do. Both ideas are great, but making them separately allows you to really be open about things you want to try. Visit a swingers club (you don’t have to participate, you can just watch if you want!

Today I’m going to share a sample bucket list with you to get some ideas flowing.

If you’re currently single, a sexual bucket list can take on a new meaning and include things that the relationship list might not have.

Keep in mind with this kind of list that the idea isn’t to complete it in one month. You might add things along the way and take other things off without completing them.

(Daddy Dom Little Girl) It is a form of BDSM, where one person is a "caregiver" in the relationship, and one is more childlike, which is usually called a "little".

Although it is called Daddy Dom Little Girl, there are also mommies and little boys.

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On your typical bucket list you might find things like: visit Antarctica, climb Mount Everest, reunite with my childhood best friend, make a million dollars before age 65, etc. A sexual bucket list is not only a fun challenge for you, it is also an amazing way to get ideas for how to improve your sexual relationship with your partner.