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Santana’s final PPV record, including Rumbles and Survivor Series matches was 3-19.

He was 0-6 in Royal Rumbles (he was in every Rumble from 1988-1993), 1-7 at Wrestle Mania, 0-2 at Summer Slam and 2-4 at Survivor Series.

Scott: We open the eighth edition of our biggest show of the year with the first solo match of what would be one of the most storied careers in professional wrestling.

After throwing his former tag team partner through the Barber Shop window, Shawn Michaels has his coming out party here against one of the WWF’s loyalists.

In addition, Jeff Jarvis assists in compiling historical information and the Fun Facts in each of the reviews.

Also, be sure to leave feedback on the reviews at our Facebook page. ***While this is Shawn Michaels’ first PPV singles bout, it is also Tito Santana’s last (not counting dark matches, as he sticks around until King of the Ring 1993).

Unlike being associated with Savage and Di Biase, which were simply business relationships, Sherri is enamored with the “Sexy Boy” and even sings his new entrance theme.Tito has been at every Wrestle Mania since its inception and now gets another payday by putting over one of the up and coming talent.Michaels had that look to be a breakout heel star, and as we see 1992 continue, the winds of change are blowing very strong.Tito came out hot, rattling the cocky Michaels and drilling him to the floor with a clothesline.Tito would grind Shawn on the mat with a headlock until Michaels was able to fight to his feet and chuck the Matador down to the floor.


His opponent is someone that had been pegged as 1992’s breakout star, Shawn Michaels.

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