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While a feeling that your fate seems to lie in others' hands can be frustrating right now, in truth, you're reminded just how important it is to get your relationships sorted out.

If you feel overwhelmed, know that it's temporary, and aim to take things step by step, day by day, trusting that you'll get there! With Saturn's direct turn on the 18th, you'll feel more equipped to take charge.

Be careful not to hook yourself to something unless your heart is truly into it.

Note that disorganization or personal insecurities can leave you feeling less than capable or may distract from your attention to your worldly concerns at times this month.

You're in great shape for making connections with people, ideas, or the information you need.

Watch for the temptation to escape pressures now, however.

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Pay attention to what you're feeling now, even if mood swings seem to come out of nowhere, and make necessary changes in your life.

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