Srf devotees dating

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Srf devotees dating

This is the root cause – the vibrational potency of sacred thought. As the repetition continued, Brother fle the waves of the musical resonance and he started to cry.

It does not involve any physical or mental repetition of a word or words. Ommmmmmmm, Guru The difference is in the vibration produced. Chanting and praying aloud is strong, but silent worship has greater power. The practice of Japa as a sacred rite fills the mind with spiritual vibration. The supreme form of Japa is superconscious chanting.

No one is more eager them Master to redeem our divine heritage. Release the cares, disturbances, and busyness of daily life.

The blessings of God and Guru are pouring out to you. Next meditation he heard Ma’s voice say, “Om Guru” and he realized she showed him how it should be chanted.

Think of Guruji walking with you and praying for you. For him, at one point it seemed all the monastics seemed to disappear and he felt her say only to him that you should choose your own mantra like “Om Guru.” He was overjoyed – his prayer had been answered. So he began to invoke the mantra like Ma and felt a divine vibration. This is cosmic law at work: the vibration of the sacred word.

Awareness of the loving presence of God and Guru is the greatest strength we have. Dynamic from Music: Intonation – the way a note is expressed. Resonance – is the intonation and repetition combined.

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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” His first manifestation in creation is the cosmic intelligent vibration, the intelligent Holy Ghost vibration, whose sound is signifies a sacrificial rite for uniting the oblation, or what it symbolizes, with the object of worship—such as offering human desires into the purifying flame of Spirit, or casting the sense mind into the Fire of cosmic consciousness.