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Stop wii updating

marcansoft writes "On September 28, Nintendo released a Wii update, titled 4.2.

This update was targeted squarely at homebrew, performing sweeping changes throughout the system.

Blocked Flashcards Please note, that I personally have not confirmed an-y of these cards to be blocked with this update as of yet, use common sense and check into the sources listed below and make a careful decision on updating.

This page gives you instructions on how to update your firmware to 4.2 or 4.3.

Nintendo is currently attempting to censor posts and remove references to homebrew.

It is worth noting that the new boot2 does not attempt to block anything or offer any additional protection or functionality.

The update hasn't hindered this, as users can simply reinstall Boot Mii after updating (it is compatible with the update).During Boot Mii's development, its authors noticed that Nintendo's code had critical bugs and could sometimes permanently brick a console by writing incorrect or unchecked data to flash memory, so they decided to write their own, much safer flashing code.Now, Nintendo has pushed a boot2 update to all Wii users, and the results are what was expected: users are reporting bricks after installing 4.2 on unmodified consoles.And when I say ages I mean a veeeeeeeery long time.So I decided to have a bit of pleasure in the meantime and inserted the wiimote into my arsecrack.

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