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possibly being her favorite album yet: “There are so many ways in which this album feels like a new beginning. Also, you know, the summer before that election, all people were saying was: She’s calculated.

This album is really a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.” On her upcoming role in the film adaptation of : “I would come to set so often when it wasn’t my day to shoot just to see this whole world they created.

In 2008, she competed for the Miss Missouri crown and emerged victoriously.

This gave her automatic qualification into the Miss USA pageant where she finished in the top 10.

Literally millions of people were telling me to disappear. In many senses.” For more from Taylor Swift, visit

This former beauty queen has just the right amount of celebrity weirdness in her family to make it perfect fodder for the media’s insatiable hunger.

Would I be an endorsement or would I be a liability?

These are the same exact insults people were hurling at Hillary.

Candice was born into a small family as she has only one sibling, an older brother.Her father, Chris Crawford worked as a dermatologist, while her mother, Dana Crawford worked as a high school teacher and eventually focused more on being a homemaker.Her brother, Chase Crawford initially took the same route Candice would later take.chace is not dating with Ashley greene but he is dating with Ashley tisdale that's the truth............................ They have been taken alot of photo together but they are just good friends. false, they broke up about a year ago Ahh, this question.

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