Updating an identity column

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Updating an identity column

When setting up replication there are many things to think about and many options you can choose from when setting up your publications and subscriptions.

In most cases replication is an after thought and not part of the original database or application design, so there may be some required changes that need to be done when replication is setup.

All tables should have a primary key when they are created, but sometimes this is not addressed and for replication to work this needs to be setup.Although it is great that SQL Server handles the not for replication setting for you, what is the process to turn this off or turn this on for tables?The "Not For Replication" setting for identity columns allows replication to pass the ID value from the publisher to the subscriber without the subscriber creating a new ID.In addition, if you are using merge replication you need to have a Row Guid column.Also, if you use identity columns you need to make sure the not for replication parameter is turned on.

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Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this out.

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