Updating database with phpmyadmin dating service compatability profile

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Updating database with phpmyadmin

"' WHERE Cat ID=5; "; echo $qry; mysql_query($qry); mysql_close($con); UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 1' WHERE Cat ID=1; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 2' WHERE Cat ID=2; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 3' WHERE Cat ID=3; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 4' WHERE Cat ID=4; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 5' WHERE Cat ID=5; When I run that in PHPMy Admin, it works properly.Here is a guide on how to alter your database connection strings. You can edit the majority of the files listed by using your preferred FTP client within the control panel.If your website is using a database, this is where all the data of your site is stored.For example, Word Press stores all your posts, comments and articles in a database.The guides below will help you find out your database host if you are unsure.

In order to edit the database connection strings for Joomla, simply open the file using your favoured FTP connection method.Are there any other ways of doing this or one that's considered the "right way"? Php My Admin is an open source tool where you can administer your Maria DB database(s).and copy/paste that SQL into the live PHPMy Admin SQL window to synchronise the live DB.This seems a little wasteful as I generaylly only want to update tables/data from a certain date onwards.

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Drupal uses the file to store the database connection strings.