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Choose white to lighten the room as ceilings easily become dull and grey.Or, go with a bold color if you believe your room can pull it off!The ceiling is a feature of every room that’s easy to forget about.But you’d be surprised how much a ceiling can really make or break a room.We recently updated our laundry room and learned a few things along the way.Our laundry room is a fairly good size…which is nice, but it serves as the main entrance in our home because the outside door is right by the driveway, as opposed to our official front door.What once might have worked for you and your home no longer adds any value.

Taking your old ones and replacing them with new ones offering new designs is a great way to update the room.If your room does not have enough storage, you may want to look for ways to add some shelves or storage areas so you can store items that add to the clutter.The less clutter in your space, the more visually aesthetic your room becomes. Think about adding some shelves, or some creative bins to hold all that laundry that tends to spill over in the laundry room.Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to update a space.Paint the trim a contrasting color or a nice crisp white color to create interest and give the room a nice finished look.

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Turning a basic room into a useable space makes for a wonderful transition.

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