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Updating meade

They then replaced my Audio Star and insisted that there is nothing wrong with their Audio Star or Autostar updater.

The replacement arrived with A4S1 firmware that made the Auto Star Updater think that it is a 495 Auto Star controller and wanted to update it to 43Eg firmware, very dangerous!

With the A4S1 firmware you could absolutely not download or retrieve anything via the Auto Star Updater!

Additional software features (known as "patches") can also be selected.

But I would have like to try A4S1 and see if it has less bugs. Hi Piet, You might try the and to to "contact us." Go down the page and there is a place where you can send a message to customer support.

With the A3S5 version I can only load a limited amount of tours before they become corrupt and dangerous to use. I will also send a message to let someone know that the latest version of the software, showing up on a new handset is not what is getting downloaded from the Meade site. Steen It would very beneficial for customers if Meade would dedicate a section of their sales web page for firmware release information.

I later learned that "A4" is the version number and the "S1" is the issue of that version, so it downgraded it to A3S5.

A3S5 is the official version and I suppose that is why it loaded it.

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