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Updating ru

These applications are ultimately responsible for providing various hosting services such as DNS, e-mail, FTP, and others.

All software components shipped with Plesk can be installed and updated by means of Plesk Installer. You can also install and manage through Plesk many other third-party applications that are not included in the Plesk distribution package.

In accordance with Plesk security policies, Plesk sets permissions for all its partitions to restrict users’ access to each other and to third-party applications which are unknown to Plesk.

For this reason, to ensure proper operation of third-party applications not supported by Plesk, you need to set required permissions in Plesk.

Since it’s changing between each release (including the release candidates), there’s a chance that new compatibility issues will arise with the upcoming Word Press 5.0 release and with every subsequent 5.x update.If Plesk is already installed and you want to install an application package or an update that you obtained from a software vendor, you need to do the following: You might want to install and use on the server other third-party applications not supported by Plesk.The applications will operate properly but will not be manageable through Plesk.Of course, we will do our very best to keep up with these changes.When we can fix things ourselves, we do that immediately.

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Sometimes, we need tiny changes from Gutenberg side. Right now, we are facing several issues that will not work until addressed in Word Press: WPML enjoys a large development team, so we can keep up with these rapid changes.

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