Updating the definition of internationalization

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The Committee redesigned the questionnaire to collect most relevant data from higher education institutions and IAU launched the updated version in early 2018. The survey report will be made available in early 2019. In the meantime, all can consult the following articles, which are based on the preliminary results of the survey: A changing view of the benefits of HE internationalisation, Giorgio Marinoni, Eva Egron-Polak and Madeleine Green, University World News, 1 February 2019 Is internationalisation creating inequality in higher education?

, Giorgio Marinoni and Hans de Wit, University World News, 11 January 2019 4th Global Survey (2014) - IAU 4th Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education.

In addition, the definition notes that internationalization needs to serve societal needs, rather than focusing solely on economic rationales and returns.

Although globalization affects all institutions, HEIs experience different pressures; they exist in different contexts, and have different needs.

Therefore, Launched in 2016, ISAS (2.0) builds on the former IAU ISAS program, created to help HEIs develop or review their internationalization policies, strategies and programs.

ISAS (2.0) consists of several different but complementary services designed for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), individuals at HEIs, national governments andorganizations.

Internationalization of higher education is an inevitable process in the era of globalization and a deliberate strategy for improving quality and relevance.

(for HEIs and individuals at HEIs) National advisory service for strategy or policy development for HE internationalization (for national governments, agencies and organizations) ISAS (2.0) promotional leaflet List of past and ongoing ISAS 2.0 projects There are 4 strands of service designed specifically for HEIs..To maximize outreach and accommodate time differences, IAU conducted the webinar in both English and French and re-broadcasted the original English language session.The English language webinars drew 36 participants from all over the world, including Australia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and the USA.This recently refined definition emphasizes the fact that internationalization is an , not a passive experience.It underscores that internationalization is not a goal in itself, but a means of enhancing quality and excellence of higher education and research.

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The topic of the first webinar was “Developing a Strategic Approach to Internationalization”.