Updating web reference

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Updating web reference

Now I want this update web reference to be done from the code dynamically at runtime. With the stand-alone installer we register the Telerik assemblies in the GAC and also locally in the installation folder. Please check other error and warning messages for details. To meet the requirement I had to update service reference to one of WCF web-services included in solution.------------------------------------- OR U may Use webreuest and web response To call Your web Serice...Hi, If the client application is published version will the above suggestion (generating the proxy class at runtime) will work?The only solution I have found is to delete the webreference from my project, and then create a new one again - butisn't this kind of what "update we refence" should do?All this activity is happening within Visual Studio - I have not manually set any values for url or port number.Sometimes, I cannot connect connect to my webservice, so I try an "update web reference" - but this results in an error: "There was an error downloading to connect to the remote server.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" Why do I get this error, and how do I convince VS to update the web reference?

I think I need to find out how this server is restarted, as it appears this server hosts my webservice withing Visual Studio.... I think you may be having your problem simply because you have used a dynamic address as part of the URL for your web reference, and sometimes the service is not at that address.Hi I have a webservice project in Visual Studio, and another projectwhich uses the webservice.My other project has a web reference to the webservice project,created via Visual Studio by browsing to "web services in this solution".Put it at a fixed address, and you won't have that problem. I have another application consuming this web service.

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The references should be resolved correctly, so your project should work as expected.

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