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Joey (Jeff Fishman) is the short, skinny, shy, most awkward (and probably most desperate) member of the gang.His most memorable scene involves the boys taking him downtown to get a prostitute. Scotty (Johnny Timko) is the blond member of the group, and is (in my opinion) the dullest and least memorable character here.

Before their work is done they will have to face many unusual situations, along with numerous opportunities for the ...

Even with all these scenes, the movie runs under 90 minutes. Other than the theme song by Raven, the music in here is absolutely awful!

I understand that this is a low-budget comedy, and that most of the music was made especially for the film, but I still think they could have made better music for the movie.

When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn't enough for them to score with the ... Obsessed with the hottest girl in class, a gawky high school student takes a crash course in teenage coolness from his motorcycle rebel neighbour, under the watchful eye of the eternal symbol of teenage rebellion: James Dean.

When his wife and son are brutalized by thugs and a corrupt criminal justice system puts the perpetrators back on the street, a New York City factory worker turns vigilante to find some measure of bloody justice.


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