Validating information online

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Validating information online

This can give you a substantial error report with hundreds or even thousands of errors to correct.

Detailed explanations of each of the levels are available on the HEPCAT validation levels page.

A full list of all validations rules can be found in the HEPCAT and HEIMS tabs of this toolkit.If you have failed any of the HEIMS validation rules your email will advise you that your submission has been rejected and that you will need to check your HEIMS Online Submission report for a description of the validation Fatals and/or Warnings that have occurred in this submission.The Submission Reports user guide provides a step by step approach about how to access and export the reports.The second stage of validation occurs as you submit your data to HEIMS.Once your data passes these validations it will then be accepted into HEIMS. Others can be quite complex and require data in one file to be checked for consistency with data in one or more other files.

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There are two types of HEPCAT reports: System reports are generated each time you submit your data to HEIMS.

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