Vba screen updating

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Vba screen updating

Actually, I hadn't turned screen updating off, I just needed to sprinkle Application. Screen Updating = False successfully in Office 2010.

I discovered this when buttons were being made visible or not, it wasn't updating the screen.

If you are not using a User Form then try inserting Do Events in your code after you change the state of the check box. This is a cell on a worksheet getting updated, not a user form. code chunk that steps through the sheet rows looking for selected cells "") Then ' testing for selection status Worksheets("History Seeding"). I set it to False every time I use "select" or "activate", but it still not working, please help!! Status Bar = "Please be patient..." Dim Rating As Variant, sht As Worksheet, Last Record Row As Long, i As Integer, Last Row As Long Rating = Input Box("Please Provide Weather Rating (Any Number Between 1 and 4)", "Input Needed") If Rating 4 Then Msg Box "Invalid Value, Please Enter A Valid Number! Note The Show Changes and Screen Updating properties are similar in that they are both designed to increase performance during a series of actions, but they work differently. Setting the Show Changes property also sets the Screen Updating property, but setting the Screen Updating property does not set the Show Changes property.

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For example, you can turn off screen updating while a series of shapes are created so that the screen is not redrawn after each shape appears.

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