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The new Agent Workspace interface will first appear in the Service Now ITSM and Customer Service Management (CSM) offerings, and shortly thereafter in its IT operations management (ITOM), HR and its other service desk offerings.“This is probably the most exciting thing that we’ve put forward in the ops teams in a long time,” said Farrell Hough, general manager of Service Now’s ITSM, ITBM and ITAM business lines, speaking at a breakout session at Knowledge 18.“It’s the command center for prioritizing and taking action,” Hough said.Workers with common requests such as password resets or ordering new systems can use the Virtual Agent on a mobile device and can describe the issue as if they were chatting with a live agent.Desai described the new Virtual Agent as a “rich conversational interface.” Virtual Agent will work with Service Now’s own chatbots but will also include adapters for other popular alternatives including Slack and Microsoft Teams, with more in the pipeline.Service Now has ambitious plans to roll out new tools this summer aimed at making life easier for IT operations professionals, helpdesk and support agents along with the employees and customers they service.customer and partner conference last week, the company’s top officials revealed key deliverables that include an aggressive and high priority push to add more artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation capabilities to its Saa S-based service desk offerings.

“In the next 3-5 years, I believe we can change work more than in the last couple of decades,” Donahoe said. The most recent update to its portfolio, called Kingston, arrived in January featuring the introduction of Agent Intelligence, the first AI features brought to the Now Platform.Between 15 and 20 percent of service requests can be automated using conversational bots without requiring assistance from a human agent, according to a Service Now study.Should that have IT helpdesk and other service desk professionals concerned that Virtual Agent is the latest effort to automate them out of a job? “We have a deep belief that technology is in service of people and not the other way around.Every single role in the enterprise, will be able to take advantage of workspace as we build it out and scale it.”While the Agent Workspace will give fulfillers or service technicians the ability to work more efficiently, the new Virtual Agent coming to the London release aims to remove routine tasks from their plates by making self-service easier for employees in an organization.The Virtual Agent brings a more conversational approach to engaging with chatbots using natural language processing (NLP).

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