Voice interface must be shutdown before updating

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Voice interface must be shutdown before updating

This symptom indicates that the Dante services cannot communicate with the Dante-enabled devices on the network.

This may be caused by port blockage due to protection software, or by the failure of a background service.

Yes, you can configure static IP addresses for one or both of the Ethernet ports (for supported devices), via the Network Config tab of the Device View for the device.

However, by default, Dante devices obtain IP addresses automatically - so there should be no need to specify static IP addresses, unless it is a specific requirement for your network. Simply connect your Dante enabled devices to an Ethernet switch, using Cat5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable, and then connect your computer to the same switch.

The Dante AVIO USB adapter also has a third option - it can also receive power through the USB device to which it connects if that device has adequate power output.

If using a switch with POE, make sure it is configured to send power.

More info Yes, all Dante AVIO adapters require a power source.

We recommend that you download a free trial copy of Dante Virtual Soundcard and test it on your system with your software.

For this reason, Dante Virtual Soundcard cannot be installed and registered on a virtual machine.

Unfortunately you cannot run multiple instances of Dante Virtual Soundcard on the same computer.

This will deactivate the license, and allow you to activate another computer. The Dante Virtual Soundcard places significant demands upon the network throughput of a computer.

Virtual machines manage network connections via the CPU rather then through hardware, and thus cannot guarantee low latency under many conditions.

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If you have saved an existing network configuration as a preset, you can edit the preset file offline to change the routing configuration.