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Henk had the Logo cut out to make a template, then he sat in the dish and painted the logo by hand. Even though our systems worked just fine it was decided that the time had come for some necessary improvements to the line up.

After all, the Southern Hemisphere offered one of the best astronomical viewing sites in the world. We needed land, electrical power, equipment, willing labour, money !!!!! SO, OUR MISSION was to do all of the above on a shoe string budget. We now have a block of land (2acres) in Southern Queensland with a 13KW Solar Power Station, 2 large 40 Ft dishes, a 14inch Celestron C-14 Optical Telescope facility with C. This website aims to keep you informed as to our progress. We will endeavour to make your visits here enjoyable. Just cruise around regularly and keep up-to-date with what we are up to.

The proceedings can be purchased from this link HERE.

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Computer modelling techniques have shown that the structure of a faint dust disk around Vega can be best explained by a Neptune-like planet orbiting at a similar distance to Neptune in our own solar system and having similar mass.

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