Who is carrie dating on unforgettable

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Who is carrie dating on unforgettable

The one miracle of the show to me was that Carrie actually continued dating, despite her boatloads of traumatic experiences.

So it's a long list but a worthwhile one: let's sort through the most toxic of the toxic bachelors she dated.

They're going to need to focus on themselves, not on someone else, or they could end up falling back into the same addictive patterns that were so painful in the first place.

But on 10 October 2011 in Life & Style, they reported that they have already separated. She revealed that on Chinese New Year which was on 19th February 2014, her marriage took place at Disneyland. Her husband is not as popular as her as he is the director of lifestyle marketing for Microsoft.In June 2007, her first child Jackson Phillip(son) was born.Anthony La Paglia who was the co-star of Montgomery became the godfather of her son Jackson.But it turns out Keith's whole shtick about being a Hollywood agent turns out to be a lie. Lesson: attractive, youthful millionaires are a rare breed.If you meet one, assume he's a poverty-stricken nobody, just like you.

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Can we all take a moment to reconsider just how profoundly, vomit-inducingly terrible Carrie Bradshaw's dating life often was?