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the former race car driver opened up about what it's really like to date the Green Bay Packers quarterback.While Patrick said she's now the "biggest Packers fan," she admitted this wasn't always the case.She did something different and chose to be a professional race driver. The lovebirds were also very open about their relationship to the media.The racing industry is mostly dominated by the male and by accepting this career, Danica has proved that women are also able to get into any fields. However, in , their relationship ended, and they both walked their separate ways.In fact, she actually grew up rooting for the team's rival, the Chicago Bears. "Aaron is a really good driver actually," Patrick said when asked who drives on dates.She also quipped that the football star probably has fewer tickets—noting she once got pulled over three times in three days.

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🤣 I woke up at 530am everyday to workout (🏃🏻‍♀️ 🍷=🤪).....

A transgender Democrat Danica Roem, a former journalist, defeated one of Virginia’s most socially conservative and incumbent Republican candidate Del. She became the first openly transgender candidate, elected to the Virginia House of Delegates on 7th November, Tuesday. Bob Marshall, 73, has served in Virginia’s House of Delegates since 1992. He introduced a “bathroom bill” to the legislature earlier this year and had referred to himself as the state’s “chief homophobe” once. Though we all wish tonight would have turned out differently, I am deeply grateful for your support and effort over the years.

The workout was brutal and then they followed it up with a one rep clean competition. ....at @gabbyreece and lairdhamiltonsurf house, that’s what you do.

Final event that everyone had to complete- 30 clean and jerks #95/135 30 ring muscle ups 30 snatches #95/135 ☠️🤪 Congrats… We were asked, want to watch from “the pit”, umm YA😃!!!!!! I have never done an ice bath before but when in Rome!!!! Of course they found little burr bushes to walk through but their joy was all that mattered! I remember sitting on the floor in that section of the book store (remember those🤣), wondering why I read such difficult/heavy books (especially as a… When it’s nice out, I like to get outside.....because before long, that won’t be an option.

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With that said...morning I almost didn’t take @gabbyreece up on stopping by for a… In an effort to look my best, I lean Into the fitness part pretty hard. I wonder just how many times a queen song played in the fun van driving to all the go kart races?!!