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Who is levi johnston dating

Barber, a Wasilla native, has known the Palins for years and says he’s close friends with the Palins’ eldest son, Track.Johnston and Barber were also friends; the two played hockey together, and Barber was set to be one of Levi’s groomsmen, as news that Bristol was pregnant by Levi was followed by wedding plans.

Barber says he and Bristol got together just after Christmas last year, and only broke up two months ago.

"My parents have been married 30 years, like, of course that would be so incredible to have that.

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Mc Cain's campaign team was fearful from the beginning that Sarah's pregnant daughter, Bristol, would be a liability, but the Republican nominee decided to go with Sarah anyway. Almost as quickly as news agencies jumped on the pregnant daughter story, it was confirmed through official statements that Bristol was indeed pregnant and that she was engaged to the baby's father, Levi Johnston. If Sarah was a Republican wet dream, Levi was the nightmare.

He was a rough-around-the edges 17-year-old from Wasilla whose primary concerns were hockey and hunting.

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Bristol, 28, then goes on to explain that her divorce has led to a new outlook on marriage in general.

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