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Presently, he wears the cap of an independent film producer and poker player.The love and passion for poker has been deeply embedded in Salomon.He was so fond of playing poker that he became known as a big home game player within the Los Angeles area. The big breakthrough came in when he won a huge 2.8 million cash prize in World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop.Following his victory, Salomon hit the headlines way too often but mostly for his alleged relationships with high profile actresses and socialites including Paris Hilton. The news site reported that Daily, who is three years older than Pitt, dated him in 1989 when he was just starting his career in Hollywood.According to the UK Daily Mail, Hunter’s mother has carved out a successful career as a voice actress.

It comes after the star married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in 1995, after knowing him for just four days, then filed for divorce twice before reconciling each time.(Getty) It’s not only Hunter and her father who have ties to famous celebrities. When Pitt famously was accused of an altercation with his children on a private jet right before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, Daily came to the celebrity’s defense.According to UK Daily Mail, Daily called Pitt a “very calm” and “gentle guy” who didn’t display a bad temper.Hunter Salomon, whose restraining order Conrad Hilton is accused of violating in his latest arrest, is the daughter of the man who filmed an infamous sex tape with Conrad’s more famous sister, Paris.Conrad Hilton, 23, was arrested and accused of trying to break into the home of E. Daily, the mother of Hunter, in a failed bid to reach Hunter, who has had a restraining order against him since a previous 2015 break-in, according to Fox News.

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The sex tape, which hit the Internet 13 years ago, was called “One Night in Paris.”IMDB reports that Rick Salomon was born in New Jersey and is an “independent film producer” who owns an on-line gambling site.

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