Who is teyana taylor dating brandon jennings

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Who is teyana taylor dating brandon jennings

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Socialite and one-hit-wonder Teyana Taylor is reportedly dating NBA star Brandon Jennings. Despite the fact that he's a certified male whore, Jennings has fulfilled God’s commandment to multiply and replenish the earth with his seed with multiple women. From Mouthtoears.com: Rumor has it that the “Google Me” singer has had her cherry popped and back broken in by NBA baller boo Brandon Jennings and that’s not it… this dude was your first and you will be his 3rd baby mama, not partner but… To make things worse, Heckard and Jennings blasted it all over social networks and Jennings is trying to make people believe that him and Taylor were not serious for those years and pictures and etc.Well Taylor has moved and got herself another baller, who happens to be an ex from a R&B singer Elle Varner.Read More » For the second time this month, a shooter opened fire and wreaked havoc in West Texas, this time near the Odessa and Midland areas.Texas law enforcement officials said five people were dead and 21 injured in a shooting on Saturday afternoon. Read More » Dior is under fire after debuting a snippet of a new fragrance campaign that featured Native Americans and actor Johnny Depp.

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A couple weeks ago, Teyana put a thirsty fan on blast for telling certain blogs that she is pregnant. Brandon is known for jumping from one vagina to the next.

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