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Windows 7 reliability monitor not updating

One nice feature that I have enjoyed in Vista is the Reliability Monitor.

(Press the Windows key and start typing “reliability” in the “start search” area on the Start Menu.

CE worked great up until an update that they pushed out in mid-January.

It’s been crashing a lot since then…frequent instances of nm stopping working.

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Then click on Reliability Monitor.) This feature will give you a history of how stable/unstable your computer has been.

KB4058043 is installed automatically if Windows Update is configured to download updates automatically for the operating system.Hmmm…it looks like right about the time you started having problems that you installed Weather Bug.“Oh yeah…I forgot about that one.” I have been using Reliability Monitor to watch a couple of troublesome apps that I have running on my computer.In particular…have you ever asked a user whose computer is going nuts the question, “Have you installed anything recently?” Of course their answer is always, “No.” Well…open up Reliability Monitor to find out the real answer.

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