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Users who discover it (or have it pointed out to them), however, almost always welcome it gratefully.The basic Help topic, Field codes: Style Ref field, provides the usual succinct Instructions, Switches, and Examples and goes on to provide more information about how the field behaves depending on where it is inserted in the document.I am attempting to do the same - to renumber figures/photos after moving them around, without deleting and then putting them back in.I see the instructions to select all, then F9 or right click on 'update fields'.In Word 2007 (and later), content controls linked to field codes appear to automatically update.var microsoft = microsoft

Step 2: Press F9 All the caption numbers will be updated. P(1);var d="append Child",g="create Element",i="src",k=h[g]("div"),l=k[d](h[g]("div")),f=h[g]("iframe"),n="document",p;k.style.display="none";e.insert Before(k,e.first Child).id=o "-" j;f.frame Border="0";f.id=o "-frame-" j;/MSIE[ ] 6/.test(Agent)&&(f[i]="javascript:false");f.allow Transparency="true";l[d](f);trycatch(s)trycatch(t)a.It is nice to have consistent looking documents, and Word templates can help you achieve this.Some types of fields are updated automatically by Word whereas other fields must be updated by the user.In this article, you will find information about how each kind of Word field works in relation to updating.

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Find out which fields are updated automatically by Word and which fields you must update manually.